Dr. Olsen graduated from the first, most well-known and most respected chiropractic school in the United States, Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport, IA. It’s there that he learned a variety of techniques to serve each and every patient. Each patient has his/her own individual issues and it is those issues that we need to address and help to correct. The causes of subluxations, or misalignments within the spine, are primarily due to three stresses; emotional (thoughts).physical (traumas), and chemical (toxins),

It’s our duty to cover all three of these and correct your subluxations. Dr. Olsen’s specializes in techniques that include:

Palmer Package: A hands on approach to correcting subluxations within the spine and extremities.

  • Diversified, Gonstead, and Thompson Techniques

Activator Methods: A low force instrument used mainly for those with weakened or fragile bone structure such as

  • Elderly Patients
  • Pediatric Patients

CLEAR Institute Protocols: Corrective rehab care and adjustments, a process called Mix, Fix, Set.

  • Scoliosis specific patients

Being that the chiropractic adjustment is our primary focus and most important thing we provide here, rehabilitation is just as important. The adjustment will fix the subluxations, however, to maintain that adjustment it’s very important to strengthen the musculature and ligaments that surround the vertebrae through rehabilitative exercises and services.

Rehabilitative Care includes:

Vibration Therapy: used to stimulate muscle control, balance, bone growth

Wobble chair exercises: to restore adequate nutrients to a series of movements

Flexion and Distraction: technique to reduce symptomatic disc problems

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