Something happened this week that I couldn’t not share!! We saw a child, before our very own eyes, change! He changed from a sickly, sniffy nosed, croupy cough child to an instantly healthy, strong, symptom free little man, all because of chiropractic care and a few natural remedies.

See, the thing is, we are blessed! Blessed because we see this daily. Blessed to be able to share these stories. Blessed to have such strong parents and children coming in daily to see changes like this everyday. Blessed to have moms and dads willing to share their own first hand experiences from chiropractic care.

We are blessed to have Matthew and his Mother share their experience. Enjoy!!!

Matthew and I feel so blessed to be introduced to Dr. Olsen & Olsen Chiropractic. We were first recommended to come to Dr. Olsen in the summer of 2017 after Matthew was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease. Due to the Lyme’s Disease, he was having consistent headaches and knee/ankle pain and stiffness.

The moment Dr. Olsen walked into the room on our first visit and gave Matthew a big hug, I knew we were at the right place! He took a considerable amount of time to hear my concerns and Matthew’s history and I could tell that he truly cared for Matthew and wanted him to be healed! Literally within two visits to Dr. Olsen, Matthew’s ankle and knee pain were completely gone and headaches subsided. We stuck to the treatment plan that Dr. Olsen set up for Matthew’s individual case and within one month I was able to discontinue his daily oral allergy medication that he had been one for the past couple months for environmental allergies. I was ecstatic!

This year in September 2018, Matthew had gotten a cold that had settled in his lungs and while his siblings had gotten the same cold, his cough hung on for over 1 month and he also began to develop wheezing and consistent coughing at times, one night which led to an ER visit for wheezing. The next day I knew I had to do something more, so I called up Dr. Olsen and he saw us the next day and set up a new consistent treatment plan for Matthew and he gave me his advice on what he would do for his very own children and what natural remedies there are for wheezing and cough. The same day I also went to his Pediatric doctor and she also gave me her advice and wanted him to be on an albuterol inhaler every 4 hours for at least 2 days and then also a steroid inhaler 2x per day for at least 6-8 weeks. Two different doctors with two completely different approaches. I knew I wanted to do what was best for Matthew’s health and knew that the natural functional approach was healthier for his body so decided to stick with the plan Dr. Olsen recommended. I am SO GLAD I did. With our weekly visits and doing the at home natural remedies for wheezing and cough I can say that he has improved tremendously. His wheezing and coughing episodes have decreased to this point (2 weeks on treatment plan) by 75%. If he does have an episode, we do what Dr. Olsen suggested and within 30 minutes his wheezing and coughing subsides! Matthew and I are so grateful for Dr. Olsen and the team at Olsen Chiropractic and we thank God for him all the time!

Now, Matthew calls him the best doctor in the world and I would have to agree!

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